Alejano’s asininity


Adding to the ever lengthening list of absurdities that do not simply measure his worth but more profoundly reflects the dearth of intelligence and the bankruptcy of brainpower, we note that Gary Alejano recently discharged more droppings of weak-minded asininity.

Referring to the notorious matrix of relationships among those who would want to see the government overturned and those engaged in a seditious effort to subvert public will, Alejano suggested that the President step down since the origins of the matrix remained indeterminate.

In a retort Malacañang said, “Apart from saying that his challenged (sic) is arrant nonsense like all his other statements against the Administration, it is undeserving of a response.”

Indeed it is utterly undeserving. To even dissect what Alejano was thinking of, or perhaps what he’s been smoking, would be a sheer waste of time. There are statutorily prescribed modes for abdicating a sacred charge granted by the electorate and there are laws that provide the conditions to relinquish presidential responsibilities. Here is a candidate totally ignorant of the law and yet asks to be a lawmaker.

Rather than a sober presentation of his legislative platform or a sane discussion of the legislative issues relevant to the lawmaking task he seeks, like Manuel Roxas and Antonio Trillanes before him, he’s sunk to gimmickry and virtual challenges the President to perform the absurd if not the illegal.

His rhetoric is shorn of any intellectual input save for machismo bravado. So why does he resort to such mind-boggling inanities?

One reason is that such brainlessness makes him stand out among the remnant seven in the senatorial opposition slate. Where others either have the brains and have benefitted from their education, Alejano compensates with balls.

That is important where an intelligent and discerning electorate chooses their senators individually and assesses them one by one, refusing to fall for bloc voting where imperfections and minuses are averaged out. When the Liberal Party included him in their pathetically abbreviated lineup, they were hoping that the intellect that the rest might possess would average up Alejano’s shortcomings.

From an investment banker’s perspective, the gambit is understandable. Losses are compensated by wins where clusters are formed from dregs and residuals much like the fatally valued and hollow collateralized debt obligations financial shysters spawned that brought down whole economies in the 1980s.

Given the ranking that the public has given this coup plotter and sentenced insurrectionist, it is obvious that to even discuss his Senate candidacy would either be a waste of time and precious column inches or would pander to Alejano’s desperate need to be relevant given the hollowness of his asinine advocacies.

After all, Alejano has about as much substance as his doppelgänger Antonio Trillanes, with pretty much the same political utility to the opposition as Trillanes had been to his political benefactor Benigno Aquino III in the years the former was a senator.

Allow us to initially discern Alejano’s value to the opposition, if any.

Ask any of the opposition’s officers and they will cite Alejano’s bravado as his principal distinctive competence. After that sole distinctiveness there’s really no substance. Worse, it pretty much goes downhill from there.

Starting from the falsehood in which he shrouds himself declaring that he is “The soldier of every Filipino,” already we see that his choice of tags is bereft not only of substance but of truth.

When he plotted to overthrow established authority legitimately elected and chosen by the electorate under democratic laws, he not only betrayed the people he claims he is a soldier of but he effectively trashed the Constitution which he vowed to uphold. If he’s ever recited the pledge of allegiance, then he should know what we are talking about.

It is unfortunate that the slate of seven includes him. They cannot compensate for his flaws. Instead, his comparative lack of substance drags them down.