Tony Labrusca proves he can act


At the preview of ABS-CBN’s newest drama series Sino Ang May Sala? Mea Culpa which was nearly canceled due to the 6.1-magnitude temblor that rocked Luzon last Monday, we saw Tony Labrusca with his mom, a former member of Kulay, Angel Jones.

I met the mother and son some time ago (when I was still editing the showbiz section of another paper) in New Manila. At that time, Tony was just out of the reality show Pinoy Boyband Superstar. Though he failed to make it, he was determined to make a name in the local music scene.

I play the good side of one PNP Chief. It is really encouraging to be given another chance to be seen on TV and in the number one primetime teleserye at that. And with Coco Martin.

While waiting for that “big break,” he busied himself with acting stints in television commercials (TVC), the more memorable of which was with Elise Joson (another Kapamilya) in a fast-food commercial titled Tuloy Pa Rin in 2016.

But his name wouldn’t ring a bell till he bared himself before the cameras in the movie released on the web titled Glorious in which he was paired with Angel Aquino. Their lovemaking scene exploded on social media as the most buzzed topic when it was streamed.

I told him, “Tony, it seems that you have hurdled the most difficult part of gaining a foothold in show business. You are now an actor and proving that you don’t have to bare your torso to be taken seriously.”

Angel, the mom, could only smile adoringly at this new achievement of her son.
Tony said, “I am happy that ABS-CBN is giving me projects to showcase what I can really do, apart from baring and singing. Thanks, Kapamilya.” Then he sat down to have dinner with his mom.

In the new series, Tony plays a recent barrister whose time with friends in Baguio becomes a nightmare for them till they are deep into their professions as lawyers.

Tony’s character, Andrei, only wants to help and protect Juris (Bela Padilla), the girl he is in love with.

The series, based on the first week we were shown, is about two mothers with opposing versions of the truth. And they will take a stand in the name of love and justice.

Sino Ang May Sala? Mea Culpa premieres on Monday (29 April). It takes the timeslot that will be vacated by Halik which ends tonight.

Tony is thrilled at the thought that he is actually working with the likes of Jodi Sta. Maria who plays Fina, a hardworking farmer. She only hopes to give her family a better future, but when Fina loses her daughter, she vows to look for her and fight to regain custody of her child.

Apart from Sta.Maria, Labrusca is also happy to be in the same ensemble as Bela Padilla who, like his role in the series, is also a lawyer involved in a crime they have kept among their friends that include recent barristers, too — Greco (Kit Thompson), Gaylord (Sandino Martin), Lolita (Ivana Alawi) and one who failed the Bar exams, Bogs (Ketchup Eusebio).

Also in the cast are Agot Isidro, Janice de Belen, Ayen Munji-Laurel, Jay Manalo, Allan Paule and Boboy Garovillo. It is under the production of Dreamscape Entertainment and directed by Andoy Ranay and Dan Villegas.

Talking to Ranay after the preview, I gathered that Tony, son of Boom Labrusca (a character actor), proves that the acting DNA is indeed in his genes.

PNP Chief (Mike Magat) and President Hilario (Rowell Santiago) of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”

Mike Magat in ‘Probinsyano’

He is very lucky, or maybe blessed, because he is never out of projects.
Also last Monday, I sat with him during the victory celebration of Hapi ang Buhay the Musical, a film directed by Carlo Cuevas for EBC Films.

Mike said, “Can you believe I sang in that film?”

The movie was screened in some 70 cinemas across the country, reason enough for EBC Films bigwigs to throw a party for the cast and members of mass media.

But one thing Mike Magat is excited about is his inclusion in the cast of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as the PNP Chief.

“It’s really a blessing for me, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. I play the good side of one PNP Chief. It is really encouraging to be given another chance to be seen on TV and in the number one primetime series at that. And with Coco (Martin),” he said over lunch at the Movie Stars Cafe.

Magat started as a character actor in the ‘90s. He went overseas but came back in 2016 and started as a director of independent films.

But his name wouldn’t ring a bell till he bared himself before the cameras in the movie released on the web titled Glorious in which he was paired with Angel Aquino.

“I really love show business and my profession. That was why even if I was abroad then I kept thinking about going back to show business. Thank God I have been given the chance to be in it again,” he said.

In Hapi Ang Buhay The Musical, Mike plays one of the lead characters. The film used to be a sitcom on EBC (Net 25).

Hapi Ang Buhay The Musical is a musical satire on Philippine life that won Best Feature Comedy. “The ultimate reason we at the EBC Films are making movies is to promote values. And I believe that promoting values doesn’t have to be boring. So we are trying our best to educate and inspire the audience without sacrificing entertainment value,” Cuevas said.

The cast of “Sino Ang May Sala” (from left) Ketchup Eusebio, Kit Thompson, Ivana Ilawa, Jodi Sta. Maria, Bela Padilla, Labrusca and Sandino Martin.

Bonding with Chris and Roadfill

Kapuso stars Thea Tolentino and Mikoy Morales bond with Chris Tiu and Roadfill in Sunday’s episode of I-Bilib.

The two stars learn how to make a pingpong ball bounce, and not just roll out, when it’s inside a dropped paper cup.

They also uncover the secret behind the seemingly magical disappearance of a coin after being covered by an upside-down transparent drinking glass.

Meanwhile in “Bilibabols,” James and guest co-host Denise Barbacena challenge beach-goers to the Pasa Agua Karera game wherein they move water from pitchers affixed to their helmets — without using hands.

In addition, the Street Genius team display the fourth state of matter (plasma) using a lighted matchstick inside a microwave oven.

It also discovers how a chain partly hanging out from a beer glass will fall.

Finally, in “Huling Hirit,” Chris tests his co-hosts’ intelligence in the pencil puzzle wherein they have to move just two out of several pre-arranged pencils to make 11 squares.

All these on your favorite science show every Sunday morning on GMA!