Lessons for losers


A substantial part of this column is culled from the incisive and astute observations of a reader extremely concerned about the modus resorted to by the Liberal Party (LP) slate in vying for eight Senate seats. It focuses on the collective which for all intents and purposes has been reduced to seven, abandoned as they were by the one candidate with the highest name recall and the most finances enough to wage a nationwide campaign without as much as a dent in his net worth.

The lessons in political campaigning from such underhanded betrayal as well as the constantly differing tactics resorted to given that the LP faces a formidable and unified slate could spell the difference given that elections are less than a month away.

Written by Gerry I. Tabije in response to the Daily Tribune’s editorial entitled “Best HnP Endorsers,” he wrote about the opposition’s constantly changing strategies.

His point of view is invaluable. It shows us the perspective of the target audience and the greater market to whom candidates are effectively being peddled. Under a democracy and the free enterprise system the electorate and the market are the final determinants.

It is obvious he is sympathetic to the administration. But that in itself is likewise valuable given the consistent trust and approval ratings that validate his perch. These render his observations extremely credible, his analysis, priceless and his conclusions, representative.

The reader begins by saying that the initial strategy was to introduce the LP slate since they are “mostly unknown.” He says “it doesn’t quite work.” He is right. Recall, track record and experience are critical factors. Essentially none among the slate have these and those who do bear a negative overhang. They are recalled for corruption, incompetence or successive failures.

The reader then sees the LP slate shifting their strategy “into trying to ruin the reputation of the government and PRRD (President Rodrigo R. Duterte).”

It is difficult to attack a government that has successfully tempered inflation caused by a combination of global geopolitics and systemic flaws in agricultural management. It is likewise difficult to ruin a dispensation’s reputation for correcting previous deadly and costly scandals and scams instigated by Benigno Aquino III and his cabal of sycophants.

By attacking PRRD, the LP effectively insults the over two-thirds of the population that has consistently awarded the President unprecedented approval and satisfaction ratings.

Fomenting hate places the LP slate squarely against positive developments on one end and an extremely popular president on another.

The third shift in the LP strategy was to virtually spit and spew venom and vitriol on Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go.

Whoever is advising the LP on their strategies is stupidly allowing a partisan political bias cloud their analysis. Bong Go not only serves as a vital bridge among the presidency, its constituencies and those who seek the presidency for assistance, but Go likewise translates Duterte’s populism and empathy for the ordinary and downtrodden into clear and actionable solutions which directly benefit the varied publics that rely on the government. More than any in Duterte’s official cabinet, Bong Go is the truest and most credible alter ego of the President. To disparage him is to disparage the President.

Finally the reader observed that the latest shift in the strategy of the LP was to attack the First Family. The terrorist tactics-of-choice were un-validated innuendo and a flawed expose by a media outfit funded in no small way by domestic elitists and the non-voting who live in ivory towers in the United States. Their improvised explosive device was the statement of assets, liabilities and net worth — a document so inherently flawed and indeterminate that using it to attack a family hurts the attackers more than their prey.

The “Betrayed Seven” would do well to heed these lessons before they are, again, relegated to the same garbage bin where their front-running colleague had readily dumped them.