Red partylisters must be discredited


It is common knowledge among Filipinos aware of contemporary Philippine political history that the objective of the troika of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) is the violent overthrow of the duly-constituted government and its replacement with a totalitarian system patterned after the Maoist set up obtaining in Communist China.

In carrying out that objective, the CPP-NPA-NDF troika engages in terrorist acts like the destruction of government infrastructure and private industrial properties in the countryside and extortion — the collection of so-called “revolutionary taxes” from enterprises within and outside the national capital region.

The troika has no tolerance for dissenting views and will not hesitate to use deadly force in carrying out its objectives. It was born in 1968 when the nation’s most notorious Maoist, Jose Ma. Sison, established the CPP. The NPA is its armed militia and the NDF is its political face.

Sison and his henchmen in the CPP-NPA-NDF are currently based in Utrecht in The Netherlands, where they live in luxury, supported by the troika’s “revolutionary taxes” and funds solicited from charitable groups based in Europe, Belgium in particular, by the troika’s front organizations in the Philippines.

Despite its communist objectives, the troika hypocritically professes to favor democracy and free speech and avoids labels like communism and communist because of the free world’s open dislike for anything communist and left-leaning.

The international reputation of the CPP-NPA-NDF troika has been so bad that the European Union (EU), the community of reputable European countries mostly from the West, has declared it a terrorist network. From the European perspective, therefore, the troika is no different from international organized troublemakers like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

President Rodrigo Duterte recently asked the EU to stop the infusion of European funds to the CPP-NPA-NDF troika. Duterte pointed out that communist front organizations based in the Philippines operating as satellites of the CPP-NPA-NDF troika solicit money from EU charitable institutions and advocacy groups to fund certain local “projects” and “studies” of these front organizations.

Duterte also stressed that although the solicited money is supposed to fund those “projects” and “studies,” the funds go to the CPP-NPA-NDF troika which, in turn, uses the money to finance its efforts to undermine the duly-constituted government of the Republic of the Philippines.

Since the EU has outlawed the CPP-NPA-NDF troika as a terrorist network, President Duterte urged the EU to cut off the troika’s financial umbilical cord to the EU. Cutting off the troika’s source of funds, Duterte underscored, will seriously weaken the troika’s terrorist activities in the Philippines. Once the funding ends, the longest running communist insurgency in the world may soon be extinguished.

The EU has promised Manila that the links of EU charity and advocacy money to satellite organizations of the CPP-NPA-NDF troika will be investigated, and if the evil connection as pointed out by President Duterte is established, the funding will be discontinued. The results of the investigation are expected before the end of this year.

Sison and his communist henchmen have opposed President Duterte’s representations to the EU. They know that if their EU financiers close the money faucet, the CPP-NPA-NDF troika’s days are numbered, indeed.

Now that President Duterte is in the mood to deal a death blow to the communist insurgency in the Philippines, he should focus on the Red-leaning political parties registered under the partylist system in the Philippines. Most of them are from the so-called Makabayan bloc in the House.

Local communists and their mindless supporters have divided themselves among different partylist groups so as to maximize the number of congressmen they can install in power. After that, they create a strategic alliance with other senseless anti-administration groups like the Liberal Party of the alleged Vice President Leni Robredo and the hollow Sen. Francis Pangilinan and the ex-military mutineers like the soon-to-be out-of-power Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and the soon-to-be defeated senatorial candidate Gary Alejano.

After identifying the Red partylisters, their political parties should be outlawed. The same treatment and prohibition should be applied to future partylist system political parties which will be, to all intents and purposes, the same old Red political parties operating under a new name.