Monster obstacle


Philippine mythology is replete with its own mythical monsters, such as the aswang, kapre, tikbalang and tiyanak. These terrifying creatures often came alive in komiks, horror movies and TV fantasies. Lately, they even have been resurrected in video games.

The role-playing game (RPG) “Anito: A Land Enraged” launched in 2003 was the first to feature some of the local mythical monsters. Filipino artist and game designer Niley Bacolcol is now developing a version in another RPG, “Balete City,” a clip of which showed tikbalang attacking the player’s character.

Bacolcol said “Balete City,” once developed, will also see aswang, minokawa and bakunawa confronting the player.

The game developer has the creativity and talent to realize his RPG, which is based on his successful online graphic novel “Balete High.” However, Bacolcol is facing one big obstacle: cost.

With this different kind of monster standing in the way of his finishing “Balete City,” Bacolcol has resorted to crowdfunding through Patreon, with his fans paying a monthly amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive access, extra content or a closer look into the game under development.

Bacolcol’s Patreon supporters number only 32 and have given him $261 as of today. The struggle for funding seems more challenging than slaying monsters in his “Balete City.”

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