Uybarreta gives tips for El Niño summer

Rep. Carlos Roman Uybarreta of 1-CARE Party-list

“As early as now, we must get ready for the hotter days of the current El Niño summer. Daig ng maagap ang masipag,” said Rep. Carlos Roman Uybarreta, vice chairman of the House committee on energy.

“This water shortage is but a precursor of what lies ahead. As summer temperatures rise, more people will switch on their aircons and electric fans. Summer vacation means, more people are at home with their families instead of at school or work. All these raise demand for electricity,” Uybarreta said.

The energy consumers’ representative in Congress advised homeowners “to improve ventilation in their residences and opt for more energy efficient appliances. Replace old light bulbs and lamps with LED ones.”

“Repainting roofs and outer walls with lighter shades of paint will reflect light and heat instead of absorbing them, making indoor temperatures more comfortable,” he added.

Uybarreta also suggested to builders of office complexes, malls, and condominiums the use green technologies.

“Now is also the time to check electrical wirings to prevent fires. Overheating and overloading circuits because of higher and longer electricity consumption are among the leading causes of fire during summer,” he said.

Uybarreta said Congress ratified the proposed Energy Efficiency and Conservation law last 30 January.

He is asking the leadership of both chambers of Congress to swiftly transmit the ratified bill to President Duterte, so that it could be signed soon.

The Enercon bill is a major item on the 1-CARE Party-list roster of priority energy legislation that has yet to become law.