Benguet undertakes river clean-up

Race against time La Trinidad, Benguet residents join hands to save Balili River from drying due to years of abuse and neglect. AQuitasol

More than a thousand residents of La Trinidad, Benguet yesterday joined hands and conducted the clean-up of Balili River.

The move was aimed at saving the major waterway from dying after suffering from years of continued abuse and neglect.

Municipal environment and natural resources officer Arthur Pedro said Balili River used to have flowing clear waters where both young and old used to swim.

He, however, said it is impossible to bring back the river’s former state but at least they have to do something to save the river from dying for the next generation.

The participants cleared the river of solid wastes and particles that are clogging the flow and the solid wastes coming from residential areas near it.

Pedro admitted the clean-up drive was only a band-aid solution and a permanent action should be done to keep it from dying.