‘Till death do us park’


The Tagalog saying walang sinasanto means “zealously.” That can aptly describe Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcers for being aggressive lately in ticketing violators in the Mabuhay Lane in Quezon City. In fact, one MMDA enforcer ticketed a police officer for illegally parking his car in a portion of the lane this week.

The police officer resisted the citation but the enforcer did not budge and issued the ticket.
Fortunately, no untoward incident happened between the two and the cop accepted the citation charging him a P2,000 fine for illegal parking.

Other MMDA enforcers in the area were also on a ticketing spree. One of them argued that no violators should get preferential treatment as it would be unfair for those who got tickets.
Thus, a hearse in a funeral parlor that was apparently obstructing a sidewalk as it waited for a casket to be loaded was ticketed for illegal parking.

For the occupant of the casket to be involved in an illegal parking violation is out of this world. But since the strict MMDA traffic enforcer won’t compromise, that last brush with the law up until the trip to the final resting place puns that traditional wedding vow of “till death do us part” to “till death do us park.”

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