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In February last year, then National Capital Region Police Office chief Director Oscar Albayalde relieved three city police chiefs for finding some of their men either sleeping or drinking during the night shift after conducting a surprise inspection.

When he was appointed chief of the Philippine National Police, Albayalde warned he would relieve police officials if their men are found either texting or sleeping while on duty. Apparently, some cops did not take this warning seriously.

On Wednesday, Senior Supt. William Segun, director of the Cavite Police Provincial Office, conducted a similar surprise inspection and caught the commander of Bacao Police Community Precinct in General Trias City just in the act of waking up, as well as two of his men.

The investigator on duty in Rosario Police Station was also sleeping and snoring when Segun arrived there. The cop didn’t even feel that Segun had confiscated his gun.

When he awoke, he claimed he fell asleep because he was not feeling well. Segun also discovered two other sleeping cops in the same station.

Segun said the policemen found sleeping will face administrative charges of neglect of duty while their immediate superiors will be asked to explain the breakdown in the discipline of their men.

Some cops may have thought the crackdown on erring policemen was similar to the flash-in-the-pan campaigns announced before and that they could get away with their old habit of snoozing on the job.

They were in for a rude awakening — literally.

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