DoTr to add trains to MRT-3

A Dalian Locomotive train set. (DoTr MRT 3)

Following the successful test run of the third batch of Dalian trains, the Department of Transportation is planning to add another set of Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) trains before the end of March.

The third batch of Dalian trains completed its 150-hour test run on Monday, 11 March and has been undergoing tests since February 2019 to determine its safety, reliability and maintainability.

The trains were part of the purchase from Dalian Locomotive in 2015 but were delayed from deployment due to its signaling system issues and concerns over its weight.

Meanwhile, the agency said that it is eyeing the permanent deployment of the first two Dalian train sets. However, it clarified that it need to pass an evaluation by the Philippine National Railways before it hit tracks.

The MRT management hopes that the additional train sets will help resolve the issues with daily passenger congestion.