Bowl of surprise


There are some people who are terrified by worms, particularly those that somehow manage to emerge from toilet bowls.

It would probably be the ultimate horror for them if they found what a Quezon City resident discovered on Monday in his toilet bowl: a full-grown boa constrictor, locally known as sawa.

The quick-thinking resident of Barangay Holy Spirit in Quezon City took a big plastic bag and covered the toilet bowl. Through the help of his neighbor, the homeowner managed to catch the snake as it tried to crawl out.

He can consider himself lucky. In 2016, a male Thai was sitting on the toilet bowl as part of his morning ritual when he was jolted by excruciating pain. To his shock, he found out that a boa constrictor in the toilet bowl had bitten his private parts.

Hearing the screams of Atthaporn Boonmarkchuai, neighbors came to his rescue and managed to save him from the 3.5-meter snake. They immediately brought him to a hospital for treatment.

These incidents serve as reminder to check before you sit. As the saying goes, there is always danger for someone sitting on the throne.

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