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Finally, somebody had the cojones to say it. Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte hit it right on the nail by branding Vice President Leni Robredo as “The Fake VP” in their grueling word war that has engrossed the nation. However, this is merely the tip of the iceberg since Duterte, in one masterstroke, exposed the dark background and vile intentions of Robredo, the highest ranking official of the Liberal Party (LP).

“She enjoys the support of the major political parties in the Philippines and it would be a mistake to confront her, as she previously exhibited before.

Robredo made the fatal mistake of picking a fight against Duterte and she may be slapping herself silly for starting it. The regret is evident with Robredo’s silence over the weekend, passing the baton to her supposed spokesman, Atty. Barry Gutierrez. This is a fight that Robredo will not get out of alive and she can kiss her, and her party’s, political ambitions goodbye.

Duterte destroyed Robredo in her most recent statement, saying what all the other politicians have ever dared to say before. This is because Duterte is not beholden to the yellows and the Aquino administration, unlike most, if not all, politicians who jumped to join and coalesce with her regional party Hugpong ng Pagbabago. Duterte owes nothing to the LP and she is very much on a roll in roasting Robredo, something we can expect to continue in the coming weeks.

To recall, the word war started when Robredo started to come at senatorial candidate Gov. Imee Marcos for the latter’s school records. Duterte came to the defense of Marcos and took the opportunity to destroy Robredo by simply exposing what the political community already knew but was afraid to say in public. Let us break down the key points she raised in her initial annihilation of Robredo:

On the pending election protest against former VP candidate “Bongbong” Marcos, Duterte said Robredo “should avoid commenting about honesty and integrity since her honesty has been questioned since Day One of her term as Vice President.” This is absolutely true as the poll cheating controversy is the sword of Damocles hanging over Robredo’s head since 2016.

Everyone saw the blatant cheating committed right at the canvassing of votes for vice president, making her fraudulent claim to her position all the more blasphemous.

On Robredo’s public relationship with a married man, Duterte warned that Robredo “may or may not get away with these but we all know she is not forthcoming in everything.” We adults know that Robredo is free to date anyone, but the man in question, Rep. Bolet Banal of the 3rd District of Quezon City, is married. Robredo has denied the relationship, yet just like a romantic seeking affirmation, Banal has remained mum about it. The truth will come out, soon enough.

With regard to Robredo’s capitalizing on the death of her husband, Jesse Robredo, Duterte noted that Robredo “has tried to copy her late husband but has failed at every turn.” The Filipinos could not be fooled that the VP is trying to do what the late DILG secretary has done, but lacks the integrity and will to do so. It is obvious that the yellows are attempting to package Leni Robredo to be “Cory,” and the deceased Jesse Robredo to be “Ninoy,” but this is not at all possible in view of the conspiracy theories on the death of the latter appear and suspect that Mar Roxas had a hand in it.

On Robredo’s dreams of becoming president, Duterte said “if she insists on saying that you have to be honest to run for public office, then she must say goodbye to her dreams of becoming president,” and added the “reason why good moral character is not a requirement to run for vice president is because we have so many Leni Robredos in this world.” This parting shot basically summarizes why any attempt for the yellows to win the presidency in 2022 is an impending failure, and the entire LP, including its cohorts, folding against Duterte.

After the entire Otso Diretso slate backed out of debating against her, Duterte is now seen to be invincible and indestructible. She enjoys the support of the major political parties in the Philippines and it would be a mistake to confront her, as she previously exhibited before. More importantly, Duterte also has the grit and the intelligence to back up what she says. There is still a long way to go for this campaign season, around 60 more days, which is still an eternity. Those in their right mind must advise Robredo to back out of this fight that she has no chance of winning, but given the low display of intelligence by the yellows, we can expect more bad decisions along the way.

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