Gasataya calls for unity on Women’s Day


Bacolod Lone District Rep. Greg Gasataya called for unity among men and women Friday as the world marks Women’s Day.

“In this modern age where terrorism, climate change, and food shortages are among the threats to humankind, identity politics must be reconsidered for us to face, and address these challenges, and come up with inclusive solutions,” Gasataya said.

The former broadcast journalist who also studied political science also said it is right to remember and celebrate Gabriela Silang who symbolized the bravery and courage of Filipino women to fight a colonial power that strangled the nation for 300 years.

It is also fitting, too, he added to look to Catriona Gray as a symbol representing the modern and empowered Filipina.

Silang is the first woman revolutionary leader in the Philippines while Gray won the Miss Universe pageant recently, becoming the fourth Filipina to win the coveted title.

Gasataya pointed out that more than half (57.3 percent) of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are women citing figures from the Philippine Statistics Authority. They, too, like Catriona represent the country in millions of homes across continents.

He also lauded President Duterte for signing recently the Expanded Maternity Leave Law or Republic Act 11210, which he described as a recognition of the role women play in national development.

Gasataya is a co-author of the law.

He also stressed the need for everyone, not only women, to come together and reimagine solutions to challenges such as abuse of women in homes and workplaces, sexual abuse of OFW, and workplace discrimination.

“Modern-day challenges demand that we come together as a community, not as gender tribes, and discuss, debate, and come up with solutions to our problems as one,” Gasataya pointed out. #