Don’t go for broke


With only a day before the country is once again under the grip of love and romance, Pinoys are now frantically up and about looking for gifts to give their loved ones in celebration of one of the busiest holidays in the country — Valentine’s Day.

However, Pinoys still consider flowers as the best gift one could offer to their loved ones, but as of the moment, surging prices of flowers in Dangwa — regarded as the mecca of flower trading in the metropolitan — give a huge problem for Romeos of all sizes and shapes.

To date, the price of flowers at Dangwa has soared once more, ranging from P1,000 to P1,200 for a bouquet of local roses while for other species of blooms go from P800 or less.

One rose already costs P100 and for those short on savings, there are also alternatives that are available for as low as P500 for a full arrangement with carnation, gerbera or Malaysian mums as centerpiece.

If that’s not low enough, sunflowers are also a great alternative as they sell in Dangwa at P300 per bundle. That’s not too bad considering a dozen roses will set you back about P2,500.

For those who are really, really short of cash, there are alternatives aside from flowers that can still make a great impression.

One can be lavish with romantic gestures – because not everything romantic needs to be wrapped up in dazzling boxes or foil and tissue. Instead of going out on an expensive date, one can just prepare food for his or her date at home.

Greeting cards are also a way to go, especially one that is homemade. It can truly send the message with intensity as one can recall special memories that brought them together and, as an added treat, one can also have it laminated to symbolize undying love and prove false those people saying that there is no forever.

These alternatives — if done with thoughtfulness and love — can still bring joy to people’s hearts in celebration of Valentine’s Day. While making a great impression is nice and sweeping loved ones off their feet is even better, being broke the next day is not romantic at all.

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