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About three years ago, the county was shocked by viral videos purportedly of fake or plastic rice being sold in the market. The Senate investigated the alleged plastic rice but found no conclusive evidence to prove plastic rice was being sold in the market.

Now, come videos of fish supposedly coated with plastic, starting with a post abroad.

Then came other videos, with one clip showing an unidentified man peeling a transparent material off several pieces of galunggong purportedly bought in Daraga, Albay. Other videos showed mackerel and sapsap or ponyfish wrapped with similar plastic-like material.

But just like the plastic rice scare, the chief of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) said Sunday that he had doubts about the authenticity of the videos of plastic-coated fish.

In a TV interview, BFAR Executive Director Eduardo Gongona noted on Sunday that while some large imported fish are wrapped in plastic to preserve their freshness, it would be impractical to do the same for smaller fish as this would raise prices.

He said some fish in colder climates also naturally develop a plastic-like coat to survive the harsh temperature.

Besides, he added authorities inspect imported fish products before they are released to ensure these will not harm consumers’ health.

Nevertheless, Gongona said the BFAR will look into the issue.

In 2017, the British Broadcasting Corporation launched an investigation into reports of fake rice allegedly being sold in China and in some West African nations. The BBC said it was “fake news and probably somebody being naughty on the Internet.”

Chances are the BFAR would reach the same conclusion in the case of the plastic-coated fish.

Some smart guys are probably just seeking to cash in on increased traffic to their YouTube channel by stoking the curiosity of gullible netizens.

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