Sweet talking predator


A 20-year-old female college student sought the help of policemen after an acquaintance in social media threatened to post her nude pictures on the Internet unless she gives him money and agrees to have sex with him.

Acting on the complaint, the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group launched an entrapment operation that led to the arrest of the suspect, identified as Mark Angelo Verano, 29 years old.

According to the victim, whose identity the police withheld, Verano sweet-talked her to agree to work as an “escort,” promising huge income. Because she needed money and goaded by the persuasive skills of Verano, the victim said she eventually agreed to accept his offer.

However, Verano asked her to send nude photos, purportedly so he could offer her services to potential clients. Big mistake.

After she sent the compromising pictures, Verano demanded money from her. Not only that. He also demanded sexual favors, warning that if she refused he would upload her pictures to the Internet.

When confronted by the victim after his arrest, Verano tearfully begged for her mercy, saying he is sorry for what he had done.

This time, Verano’s sweet-talking skills failed him as the victim said she is determined to pursue the case against the suspect and ensure he won’t have the chance to prey on other gullible women.

Verano was slapped with charges of robbery extortion and violation of the laws against trafficking in person, the Anti-Photo Voyeurism Act, as well as the Anti-Cybercrime Law.

With serious criminal charges filed against him, Verano would likely spend years in jail where he would have all the time in the world to do many things, including honing his persuasive skills on his prison buddies.

He may even get a deeper understanding of the pain and humiliation the victims of his sexual machinations went through.

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