Little rascals


Recently in the news, a boy was seen hanging from the ceiling of a commercial building along Quirino Avenue in Davao City.

The 16-year-old daredevil was not playing around that night. Nor was he trying to upstage French Spiderman Alain Robert, the 56-year-old foreigner who climbed the 43-story GT Tower in Makati City without any harness last 29 January.

Though the teen can’t really do the same stunt by the Frenchman, he can give Akyat Bahay burglars a run for their money because he, together with three accomplices who were also minors, just broke into six shops in the building trying to steal money.

All the minors were temporarily arrested and released as they could not be jailed under the law. One of them, a 10-year-old boy, who was the youngest in the group, was hospitalized for injuring his jaw in a fall. Apparently, he was too small to “hang around” like his daredevil gang leader.

The shops did not lose any money as none was kept there, according to police. While that may lessen the offense of the young thieves, they are not yet totally off the hook. Police learned that they were the same foursome who broke into a building across the one they had just burglarized.

The boys have been coming in and out of jail. That makes them top candidates for reformation at a Bahay Pag-asa facility for juvenile offenders.

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