No ‘undie-dog’


As the midterm election campaign period officially starts Sunday, 13 January, a reelectionist councilor in Quezon City is among those with a good headstart after his camp came up with a naughty albeit innovative way to make the candidate’s name the talk of the town.

Panties bearing the councilor’s name embroidered on them were given away in a party game.
His camp clarified it was not a campaign material nor premature campaigning, though it had the effect of boosting the candidate’s awareness among voters as a photo of the underwear had gone viral after being posted on social media.

With the Commission on Elections (Comelec) agreeing so, the councilor faces no trouble as to his choice of campaign material, not unless his campaign spending exceeds the allowable limit.

If women’s rights group makes a big fuss over the panty for being offensive to women, like how Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon views it, such complaint will just give the councilor more media mileage. It may be proper to just leave it to the panty wearer if the piece of cloth makes or doesn’t make her uncomfortable.

The gimmick seems favorable for the councilor whether the panty offends or makes people laugh as either way, it will be connected to him and make voters remember his name. A danger though is if the kinky idea makes him the stronger candidate and sway voters to go for the underdog rivals.

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