Attention deficit


Former Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go is suddenly getting on the nerves of Sen. Leila de Lima. Either Go has become so popular that he’s not only a household name but also rings a bell among prison residents like De Lima or the senator is just so envious of him possibly winning the Senate race in May without funding his campaign with drug money.

The envy is so overwhelming that De Lima could not resist attacking Go from behind bars by releasing a statement accusing the senatorial candidate of premature campaigning and using taxpayers’ money for tarpaulins welcoming him in various occasions and places around the country. Driven also by her extreme hatred for Go’s former boss, President Duterte, De Lima called him “epal,” “super alalay” and “presidential sidekick” for attending Duterte’s events.

Go politely responded to her accusations, saying he understood that his repeated clarification that he is not using public funds did not reach De Lima because of her unique location.

Go said he has many good friends who used their own money to buy relief goods for victims of calamities and fires that he visits, unlike her use of proceeds of the sale of illegal drugs to fulfill her political ambition.

Go said his conscience is clear because he is not using money from drug lords to help those in need in his private capacity.

“What I am doing is my solemn obligation as a Filipino to help my fellow Filipinos. I see their pain and struggles every day. I hope Sen. De Lima also sees that from the windows of her detention cell. However, she would be better off looking at the mirror before making any comment and focus on her legal liabilities,” Go said.

By looking at the mirror, De Lima should realize that by criticizing Go she is riding on his popularity and is acting as the real “epal.”

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