Belgica supports Bong Go’s candidacy

Greco Belgica (left) with Bong Go. (Facebook image)

We need good, honest and loyal men in government.

These words sum up the reasons of senatorial candidate Greco Belgica in supporting the candidacy of former Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong Go” in the May 2019 mid-term elections.

“His ability to administer and govern is unquestionably excellent and distinct. His humility and love for the poor and needy is true and inspiring. His commitment to truth and justice is steadfast,” said Belgica of Go, who is running for a senate seat, in a statement issued Thursday.

“Power did not corrupt him. His heart, character, and demeanor has not change from when he was just the young quiet man behind the great Mayor Duterte and now that he is the power behind the great President Duterte. Power, money and fame did not change him. He is as humble, as faithful and helpful as before,” he added. “That is a very very very rare character of a man, specially of his stature. I am honored and blessed to be his friend.”

Belgica, himself a senatorial candidate running under the Democratic Party of the Philippines, said that while Go seems silent and kind-hearted, “he is just as strong as his great boss and second father whom he follows after – President Duterte. He is just WISE enough NOT to be loud and strong enough to be kind.”

Said Belgica, “I know he will be a loyal and faithful servant senator of this country. Because he is a loyal friend and faithful follower of his boss and second father, our great President who makes us all proud to be a Filipino and inspires us all to be great – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.”

For those who want to support Go’s candidacy, Belgica said his camp has designed campaign posters, standees and bumper stickers that supporters can put in their houses, cars, offices, buildings.

Belgica also urged other Go supporters to make their own campaign materials for the former SAP.

“Kanya kanya po tayong pagawa. Lets introduce our friend SAP Bong to our family, friends, and community. Tayo ang maging lakas nya. Wag nating bigay sa mga trapo,” said Go.

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