Passion’s heat


In criminal law, heat of passion means sudden anger or outburst of emotion that drove someone to commit a crime without premeditation. It is commonly used as a legal defense to lower the penalty for the offense done.

It turned out that heat of passion could also burn a bed, literally.

In Batac City, a man lit fire to their matrimonial bed Sunday when he allegedly discovered his wife was having an affair and was using it to consummate their “sin.” The fire ate away much of their former room in the house, including personal belongings in Bgy. Parangopong.

The suspect, identified only as “Lando” in the police report released, said he decided to burn the bed since it was where his wife cheated on him.

It was learned that “Lando” and his wife have been estranged and living separately for 5 months, although he is allowed to visit their two children is living with his wife.

“Lando” told investigators his estranged wife tried to block his enter to their former bedroom when he tried to get in after allegedly hearing a male voice inside.

When he managed to get inside the room, “Lando” lit the bed on fire. However, the report did not say if “Lando” actually saw another man inside the room.

Fire personnel were able to respond immediately and managed to put out the fire before it could consume the entire house, leaving only the room damaged by the blaze.

The wife denied her estranged husband’s accusation, claiming he was merely fabricating stories against her. She added she decided to separate with her husband because he is extremely jealous and always accuses her of having an affair.

It appears that the wife is not yet decided whether or not she would pursue charges against her estranged husband. If she does, he would definitely be in hot water.

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