Roman reminds: Prepare for disaster


Rep. Geraldine Roman on Monday reminded Filipinos to be always prepared for disaster in light of the surprise tsunami that hit Indonesia Saturday killing more than 280 people.

For us Filipinos, we must always remember that just like in Indonesia, disasters can happen in our country anytime. And although it may be true that there are government agencies tasked to immediately act when disasters strike, with our Committee on Disaster Management making sure that such duties of providing relief, assistance and rehabilitation are fulfilled – there is still no better way to lessen the impact of a disaster than by being prepared,” said Roman, chair of the House committee on disaster management.

“It may be true that we cannot stop the occurence of natural disasters but many lives will be saved and property kept safe if we actively engage in disaster preparedness. Know that to do before, during and after a disaster,” Roman added.

“There are many unexpected dangers that may arise at any moment. The tsunami that hit Indonesia on Saturday gave little indication that it was coming. People were doing their usual day-to-day activities, completely unaware of what was about to hit them. In one video, the popular band Seventeen was in the middle of their performance when the tsunami waves suddenly engulfed them and swept through the crowd,” according to Roman.

“I am deeply saddened to know that there may be hundreds of victims that were killed or injured. My heart goes out to their families and I hope that those who are missing will be found soon, alive and healthy,” she said.

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