Lefty’s right


Shortage is perhaps the greatest challenge facing the country’s educational system. There is the lack of schools, classrooms, teachers, books, toilets and computers. Adding to the deficiencies list is the lack of armchairs for left-handed students.

Sen. Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara noticed that armchairs in schools are for right-handed students so he filed Senate Bill 2114 requiring schools nationwide to provide left-handed armchairs for lefties.

Right-handed armchairs do not offer left-handed students the same arm support that right-handed students enjoy, causing the latter back, neck and shoulder pain, Angara said citing studies.

“The inefficient and awkward writing position that left-handed students must adopt in right-handed armchairs causes slower handwriting, placing them at a disadvantage on important timed examinations,” the senator said.

Angara sees the bill as a solution of underachieving left-handed students. After all, southpaw learners should never be discriminated against and should have equal opportunity as these of right-handed students.

It remains to be seen though if such armchairs for left-handed students should also be recommended and supplied to leftist-run schools in remote lumad communities.

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