Plants in pants


Outgrown or old jeans are usually passed on to other interested users if not end up as donation for victims of fire or typhoon. But for creative residents of Barangay Tidang in Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya, they recycled old denim pants by turning them into pots for plants in a communal garden.

The vegetable garden has a row of jeans filled with soil planted with short string beans. The jeans which were made upright by wooden frames also serve as fence of the garden.

Marlo Gumangan, chairman of the barangay, explained the barangay hall lacks space for a village garden so they had to plant that way.

Passersby are amused at the sight of the plants on pants and they take selfie beside them. They also promoted Tidang by representing the village in a local contest for the most nature-oriented barangay.

The unique garden has the potential of becoming a tourist attraction especially if the villagers can make it more interesting by coming up with jeans planted with other vegetables. Who knows, the string beans planted on the pants may sell at premium price using a fancy name like Jean Beans. If they plant eggplants, it can be bestsellers with a brand like Pantalong.

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