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Finding a space to park a car in the city is a big challenge for motorists these days due to the lack of carparks. This is why cars parked on side streets are very common.

Some enterprising people have capitalized on the lack of parking space by serving as parking slot attendants. They can be seen standing along side streets waving to passing motorists and pointing to them vacant spots on the side of the road for parking. If a motorist obliges, these “parking attendants” also watch over the parker’s car for a fee. Once the motorist leaves, the parking attendant quickly offers the vacant parking space to other motorists looking for a parking slot.

With so many cars, even open and multi-level carparks of big shopping malls get easily occupied leaving some motorists driving around in circles until a slot becomes available. To save motorists the hassle and time in getting a slot in such parking lots, people who reserve parking spaces by standing on them have emerged.

In one shopping mall in Iloilo City, such standing parking reservationists are in demand that mall administration soon took notice. The management of the mall, however, deemed the practice unsafe and has put up a sign in the entrance of the open carpark discouraging it.

One motorist was amused there were such stand-up parking reservationists, so he took a photo of the sign that reads, “Reminder: For safety reasons, standing on a parking slot to reserve is not allowed. Parking spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis.”

However, the sign may not be so effective in discouraging such mode of reserving parking space. The standing reservationists may simply change tact and squat or sit on the parking lot.

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