Going to Baguio? Can’t cuss there


THE Baguio City Council recently passed the Anti-Profanity Ordinance that will put a stop to using profane language in places frequented by children, high school and college students, according to the Baguio City’s Public Information Office.

Dexter See, head of the Baguio PIO, said that the ordinance prohibits cursing, cussing, expressing insults, whether directly or indirectly, to anyone and using profane and foul language as a means of expression, or as a manifestation of anger, surprise, disgust, or any other form of extreme emotion.

The said ordinance, which was proposed by Councilor Lilia Fariñas last year, should be observed in all schools, computer shops and other business establishments where children, high school and college students frequently go.

“It is readily observable nowadays that cursing has become a normal practice, commonplace everywhere, that even children seem to have already accepted the habit as a customary routine in our society, oblivious to the repercussions that it may result to,” read the ordinance.