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A dog’s loyalty to its owner is extraordinary and videos of such amazing canine antics never fail to turn viral on social media. One of such videos is about Nova Tapuyao’s black mongrel.

Tapuyao’s Facebook video of her pet tracking her down in Cebu City has been viewed more than a million times as of this writing. While a dog’s powerful sense of smell makes it easy for these animals to track and find their owner, Tapuyao’s “best friend” did it in a uniquely Filipino and hard-to-duplicate fashion.

The dog rode on a public utility jeepney on Friday to look for its owner who left for work.
Tapuyao’s sister, who chanced upon it aboard the jeepney when she commuted home from work, took a smartphone video of the dog standing on the seat in the middle of two passengers. The dog was looking out the jeepney’s window for Tapuyao.

The dog amused the passengers at first before getting awed when the jeepney stopped at the intersection of Guadalupe and Banawa streets, beside a truck loaded with people, one of whom was Tapuyao. The two recognized each other.

“Ali diri, nabuang, dali,” (Come here, crazy, hurry.) exclaimed Tapuyao in Cebuano while fetching her dog from the jeepney.

She carried the dog to the truck with her.

The video went viral as many were impressed by the dog’s love for its owner aside from its intelligence.

For the jeepney driver, he expressed his praise for the loyal dog by not charging it the minimum fare.

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