Euro Towers, Habitat partner for socialized housing

Officials of Euro Towers and Habitat for Humanity Philippines do the ceremonial house building to symbolize their partnership. on 27 September 2018 (SunStar Davao image)

Property developer Euro Towers has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HHP) for the building of socialized housing as part of the latter’s the celebration of its 30th anniversary.

The partnership forged recently at the Apo View Hotel in Davao City saw Euro Towers pledging support to the projects of HHP over the next five years.

To date, HHP’s socialized housing program has benefitted more than 140,000 families around the country with some half a million volunteers doing the construction and repair of homes and communities. Euro Towers chose to support the organization as they share the same value for family and homeownership which can transform lives and enhance dignity and self-esteem.

“Habitat for Humanity Philippines has provided hope and changed the lives of thousands of Filipino families who do not have the capability to build their own home and were victims of natural disasters. Both Habitat for Humanity Philippines and Euro Towers believe that a decent and comfortable home is more than a privilege, but a basic need for each family. To have a home is a right. Through this partnership, we want to protect this right and take part in uplifting the spirits of our fellow Filipinos, change their lives, and help create beautiful stories of new beginnings and quality of life,” said Marz Encarnacion, Chief Operating Officer of Euro Towers.

Matched expertise

The varied and different areas of expertise of Euro Towers and HHP can lead one to ask how such a partnership could begin. The two organizations’ leaders are confident that their groups will benefit and learn much from this collaboration for nation-building.

Euro Towers was in sincere search of a partner that could guide them in using their expertise to reach more families and their surrounding communities. HHP, for its part, was looking for an experienced developer to help them elevate the quality of the homes that they offer to their target communities. As it is, this collaboration stands to benefit both organizations and those they serve.

While HHP has already led the construction of a good number of homes for thousands of families around the country, it knew it had to keep building better. Both the know-how and the monetary pledge of Euro Towers will be used to uplift the lives of many more Filipinos.

Habitat for Humanity began as a Christian housing ministry in the United States and it soon attracted volunteers and sponsors with its concept of having future homeowners work alongside volunteers in building their homes. The homeowners are given a chance to be part of their home’s construction, which makes their dwelling more precious and valuable.


Euro Towers has been known for building high-rise condominiums in prime locations, innovation and for bringing the best ideas into the Philippine real estate market. Among its developments are the the Vivaldi Residences Cubao in Quezon City that features a cantilevered glass swimming pool hanging from the 39th floor of the building giving residents a unique view of the metropolis.

The developer uses accelerographs in construction to monitor an earthquake’s impact on its buildings for hazard determination.

Its Virtual Reality Showroom utilizes state-of-the-art Oculus Technology which shows prospective buyers and tenants a glimpse of what life is in a Euro Towers development and how the unit will be like even before the building is up. Another innovation for its client servicing is the Euro Towers Virtual Expert app, which answers a homebuyer or seller’s frequently asked questions about its residential condominiums as if they are talking to a real person. It is now available for Android users and can be accessed by activating one’s Google Assistant.

This same innovative spirit and commitment to what is best for residents is brought by HHP to benefit more low-income communities. The organization commemorates its 30th year milestone in the Philippines which is a story of resilience and a constant journey of building and rebuilding hope for a brighter future for Filipinos who need it most.

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