Apprehension of modified vehicles questioned


1-CARE Party-list Rep. Carlos Roman Uybarreta has filed a resolution compelling the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to explain to Congress why it is apprehending modified vehicles on the grounds that it poses risks.

House Resolution No. 2261 seeks LTO’s justification of the apprehension after car owners questioned its legality, including confiscation and in some cases, impounding of their vehicles.

In the resolution, the congressman said the LTO “admitted that their claim that these modifications are unsafe and unfit for use on our national roads and highways is not backed by any study.

“Let us also put this issue in the larger context of road safety and law enforcement. The accident statistics glaringly show that most road accidents involve motorcycles and dilapidated cargo trucks, jeepneys, and buses, so car owners cannot help but suspect that this new urge of the LTO to enforce a department order from September 2010 is yet another organized money-making enterprise of LTO enforcers,” Uybarreta said.

The congressman said the road safety and law enforcement issues also raise yet again the necessity of updating and overhauling the country’s archaic laws on public transport utilities and land transportation.

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