New DFA sec to vote for Bong Go

New DFA Sec. Teddy Locsin Jr. (DFA image)

New Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary said Wednesday he will vote for former Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Bong Go, who is running for senator in next year’s 2018 mid-term elections.

“I am voting for Bong Go,” Locsin said in a Twitter post.

Locsin said Go had been helpful to him in doing his hard job at the Philippine Mission at the United Nations.

Clarifying the effort of Go to one of his Twitter followers who called his decision as returning a favor, Locsin said, “It is not that tinulungan ako; he never ventured to do anything for me except his duty to the President to tell him what I wanted to convey. And that is the rarest gift of all in a Palace. He just wants his president to know everything without filtering.”

The Permanent Representative to the United Nations took his oath as DFA secretary Wednesday. He replaced former Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, who is running for a congressional seat to represent Taguig City.

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