Go reiterates Duterte is healthy


SPECIAL Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go on Monday reiterated that President Rodrigo Duterte is in the pink of health amid rumors that the President may have an illness.

This comes after the President revealed that he underwent a one-hour medical check-up at the Cardinal Santos Hospital last week for a colonoscopy.

“The President is in good health,” said Go on radio yesterday.

Go also noted that the President’s unscheduled trip to Hong Kong last Saturday was an opportunity for Duterte to have time with his family.

“The trip to Hong Kong was not scheduled,” said Go. “He had a chance to tour his daughter to Hong Kong.”

Asked if he has any qualms about the President’s capacity to still do his job, Go said that Duterte is healthy and critics will not find anything wrong with him regarding with his health.

“To those critics spreading these rumors, they will not be able to prove it because the President is not sick,” Go said. “You can try to find it, but you will never unearth anything.”