Trillanes and the Theater of Treachery


During his incumbency Benigno Aquino III, in spinning his yarn on the Mamasapano Massacre, introduced us to his bizarre concept of “Alternative Truth.” His 16-letter terminology can be spelled in three letters more appropriate to his term and the scandalous milestones by which his six years were measured. The letters “L,” “I” and “E” are all-encompassing and are more descriptive.

It was under Aquino, as the friend, intellectual equal and political benefactor of Antonio Trillanes that the latter’s amnesty was controversially granted by Aquino’s Department of National Defense (DND) secretary. That is what the documentary evidence attests to.

Prematurely, prior to any conviction for an armed coup and a subsequent rebellion, absent all requisite remorse for inflicting violence upon a peaceful democracy, the amnesty signed off by the DND secretary effectively erased from legal memory high crimes committed against the State and the public.

Controversially cleansed of crimes Trillanes virtually leads the opposition.

Unfortunately, the opposition must first establish firmer footing on a bedrock of truth. Even the Lone Ranger rode an immaculate white steed.

There are white lies, plain lies and then there are whoppers. In lying there are degrees. At the far end of increasing severity, lying is akin to treachery. Especially when applied to sedition.
When dishonesty degrades beneath mere alternative truths and simple lying that it threatens a reliable reality based on truth upon which people find comfort, there treachery takes over.

To treat Trillanes as an exemplar of the leaderless opposition today because a minority falsely imagines his unthinking brazenness and bravado as bravery is absurd. Balls cannot replace brains. The opposition should be embarrassed by his hollow antics and ashamed of his falsehoods. That they are not speaks volumes of their own principles.

Note scenes from this absurd theater of warped logic and whimsical lies.

In a televised interview where Trillanes mocked the presidency and one of our leading law schools he said, “Sorry sa San Beda College of Law, but I am not impressed with your product which is Mr. Duterte. We need to review if it is true Duterte passed the Bar. His father might have pulled strings since he was then a governor.”

Trillanes did not do his homework. Gov. Vicente G. Duterte passed away in February 1958. President Duterte took the Bar in 1972.

Barely a week into 2012 on the eve of the Senate impeachment trial of a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Trillanes, then sitting as a senator-judge struggled to explain the criteria by which he would analyze the evidence. He said, “I intend to use political acceptability as the sole criterion to evaluate the projected outcomes of either policy alternative of conviction or acquittal.”

Is evidence subject to political acceptability? Note the prattle and poppycock, and the quality of his thinking. Note also that his “sole criterion” was political acceptability however that is vacuously defined.

Malacañang was so impressed with such profundity that Trillanes’s subsequent Disbursement Acceleration Program allocation bloated to P245 million.

Later that year on issues involving the bilateral exploration of mineral resources in the West Philippine Sea, the head of several of the country’s largest telecommunications and mining conglomerates, and perhaps the most respected among Filipino businessmen, said, “Trillanes is lying. It’s all falsehood.”

Trillanes was supposed to have accused him and the then secretary of Foreign Affairs of “manipulating a war condition to divert attention from the Reed Bank.”

Recently Trillanes likewise accused the Solicitor General of “stealing” his application for amnesty.

Trillanes has repeatedly threatened truth and our comfort in democratic tenets that he’s made a mockery of our democracy. More so as he abuses by employing the sacred pulpit of senatorial privilege. One senator said of Trillanes, “He is so out of touch with reality, if not hallucinating too much.”

Ditto on that.