Karla Estrada reveals handy stress reliever

Estrada with brand manager Sheena Labor.

Stress is the bane of urban living. And once you have joined the daily mass of people living in the sprawl, you either get immune to it as you try vainly to adapt or find ways to reduce its toll on you. So, whether you are a common worker or a celebrity like Karla Estrada, you have no escape (well, unless you leave the city) from the stress that can affect you in different degrees or in different forms.

For her part, Estrada says one response is time management when confronted with many life stressors such as traffic in Metro Manila. “You have to manage your time and you have to know your schedule,” advises Estrada during the launch of the Danarra Aromatherapy Oil recently at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

TV host and actress Karla Estrada graced the product launch to share tips on minimizing stress.

Some people respond to stress as they go for desserts, a workout, spend quiet time alone or with friends and family. Estrada reveals the usual ways she deals with stress, and they seem to be no different with the ways we cope with it. “Buffet food! For real! And a glass of wine and listening to the old time favorite music. I get messages from songs. Simple things make me happy (she admits collecting jewelries as a hobby).”

“I have a holistic approach to life. The richest thing you have in life is to appreciate the simplest things,” she adds.

And probably one of the simplest, and perhaps the cheapest things one can do is, keeping a soothing balm handy in ones’ pocket or bag.

This practice seems to be ingrained in our culture, with the way our grandparents and parents used liniments to relieve symptoms of motion sickness and even headaches as well as sore muscles, stiffness, bruising, or sprains and strains.

The downside to the use of liniments, as opposed to relief they provide, is the overbearing scent. Imagine being in crowded bus or van with the offensive smell of menthol wafting with the air-conditioning.

But Danarra promises to provide the comfort of a liniment minus the effusive scent usually associated with liniments, says Danarra brand manager Sheena Labor. “It’s the first of its kind. It gives the same benefits of other soothing balms that we love but with the added bonus of fine fragrance oils.”

So apart from the benefits usually associated with liniments, Danarra Aromatherapy Oil can boost mental activity, provide a calming effect, helps relieve headache and nervous exhaustion and restlessness, make one fresh and energized, lift the mood and relieve stress.

Danarra Aromatherapy Oil’s six variants are available for P89 at Mercury Drug Stores.

These variants are Danarra Classic Menthol Destress, Danarra Green Tea Clear Mind, Danarra Lavender Relaxing Sleep, Danarra Young Cool and Fresh, Danarra Flowery Citrus Energy Giving, and Danarra Sport Mood Booster.