Movie review: Christopher Robin


by Ashton Blagden

If you are a fan of entertainment, Christopher Robin is a recent masterpiece to watch. There is no complication in the movie. Interestingly, it comes with simple delights which are loaded with various twee moments and sentimental melodies that are going to mesmerize you.

Although, if you go to watch this movie, you will find that it is not matching up the narrative flourish and sheer entertainment value of the Paddington films. Still, it is adorable enough to inspire you to watch on the big screen.

A scene in Christopher Robin (Pmcvariety)
A scene in Christopher Robin (Pmcvariety)

Well, coming to the main plot of this movie, it revolves around the live action continuation of the Winnie the Pooh stories. The titular boy who is nothing but the friend of the toy bear named Pooh can be seen as completely grown-up. You will witness that the boy has almost forgotten about his childhood.

The role of grown Christopher has been played by Ewan McGregor. He has played the role in an amazing way. You can find him scarred by the war, suffering in the 9-to-5 grind of his office with a slight crisis in his life. So, as of how it is being portrayed in the film that Pooh returned to his life seems to be pretty logical. He and Pooh together will be seen remembering their good old times.

This film has done really well while rotating around the angle of magic realism. There are definitely some such moments in the movie regarding the existence of Pooh which are not completely understood. If the movie had been a bit darker, there could have been a question like whether Christopher has some mental issues in the minds of an audience.

Well, it is one of the major points to be noted regarding this movie is the role of McGregor. If not him, the movie might not have worked at all. He has turned the anxiety of Christopher into a completely haunting experience. By his role in this move, actor Gregor has proved that he is capable of expressing even the unalloyed delight. Above that, how he has done that as Christopher Robin has rubbed off on us too. Hence, this movie is certainly not going to disappoint you.

However, another actor who’ve played her individual role in an excellent way is Hayley Atwell (as Christopher’s wife). Her role was even commendable and engaging enough. On the other hand, the fact that this film is in the memory of Johann Johannsson makes it even more special. He was hired to score the film just before his death on February 9, 2018. So, Disney’s Christopher Robin is bringing to you his last lovely tunes.

Now, coming to an end, the main lesson that this movie has tried to convey to us is:
Life is not only a rat-race where we all have to run constantly to achieve something. We all should obviously slow down and enjoy life to its fullest. Precisely, we shouldn’t forget our ‘inner child’. Though it might seem to be impossible for you but Froster has been able to successfully do that.

The movie is being shot by Matthias Koenigswieser which is really one of the lovely pictures to look at now. It is completely an intense English amalgamation of sun-dappled clearings and heathery meadows. The way in which live action has met the imaginary world of the line drawings inflected by Shepard is something really impeccable. Also, the gentle slapsticks which are present in this movie are not aggressive and noisy, they too have a prominent role.

You will find the most appealing gag as nothing but Pooh padding across a wooden floor and a carpeted one simultaneously. The way you will find this favorite character of yours squinching along on sticky feet which are honey-smeared is something adorable.

Whether it is the plot, cinematography, music or any other features, Disney’s Christopher Robin is perfect in everything. If you’ve not watched this film yet, book your tickets now! You will certainly end up having a wonderful time.

If it comes to rating this move, it will be a 4.5/5 from my end.

Go, watch it now!

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