New coffee float, ramen in town


Tokyo Tokyo is introducing the Black Garlic Ramen. With a bold new take on a classic fan favorite, this dish utilizes an innovative element – black garlic oil – which gives the dish its color and strong flavor. The ramen also includes premium quality ingredients such as freshly made ramen noodles, a generous variety of ramen toppings that include sliced pork chashu, nitamago egg, rayo oil, nori and onion leeks. The tonkotsu broth is slowly cooked for 24 hours. Follow Tokyo Tokyo Philippines on Facebook and @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram.

COFFEE Mocha Float.

Caffeine fix

Jollibee has unveiled its improved Premium Brewed Coffee and all-new Coffee Mocha Float. The new and improved brewed coffee is the ideal partner for any Jolly breakfast favorite. When it’s time for another coffee concoction to lift your energy as the day goes on, the new Coffee Mocha Float offers a delicious combination of rich milk chocolate and creamy coffee for twice the indulgence. For more information on Jollibee’s latest products and promos, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook and follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

Gift of tradition

The Mid-Autumn festival goes back thousands of years and has always been a celebration of unity and togetherness. This has then created the tradition of exchanging mooncakes among families and households, symbolizing stronger filial ties.

HANDCRAFTED mooncakes.

This year, Li Li honors this tradition with a selection of handcrafted mooncakes ideal for gift giving and family gatherings. These are available in Red Bean Filling, Red Lotus Filling, White Lotus Filling, Five Seeds and in combination of all flavors.

PLUM Blossom mooncakes.

Celestial treasures

Marco Polo Ortigas Manila offers exquisite mooncake gift sets as presents, or for sharing with loved ones.

The festival has been the second most celebrated event next to Chinese New Year. It is when the moon is in its fullest state, symbolizing harmony and prosperity. It is believed that the behavior of the moon affects the production of local goods, so during this day, gratitude is expressed and sacrifices are offered through a special delicacy, mooncakes.

The Marco Polo Ortigas Manila heralds rich tradition and culture with authentic mooncakes imported directly from Hong Kong. Inspired by the Orient’s traditional flowers, this year’s featured mooncakes symbolize luck, prosperity and honor. Welcome this auspicious time with Plum Blossom (set of four pieces) and Peony (half-dozen set) gift boxes.

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