Tourist incurs $46,000 traffic fines in 4 hours


A 26 year-old British tourist may have set a record of sorts in Dubai when he incurred a total of $46,000 in fines in just four hours.

According to reports, the tourist rented on 30 July a yellow Lamborghini Huracan from a supercar rental shop.

He then proceeded to drive on Shaikh Zayed Road at speeds of as high as 231 kilometers per hour (kph). Records show that between 2:31 am and 6:26 am on 31 July, the speeding tourist tripped 33 speed radars on the road.

As a result, he racked up a total of Dh170,000 or about $46,000 in speeding fines for the entire period.

Mohammad Ebrahim, owner of the rental car business, said he received three SMS notifications of speeding fines within a minute.

Unfortunately for him, under Dubai’s laws his rental car business is liable to pay the total speeding fines as well as additional fees to recover the Lamborghini that would surely be impounded by traffic authorities.

The tourist only paid Ebrahim Dh6,000 per day for three days.

To make matters worse, Ebrahim said he not only failed to take any deposit from the customer but he is also not sure if the tourist will pay the fines as there is no clear procedure on traffic offenses committed by customers.

Ebrahim is worried the tourist may leave the country and leave him holding the bag.

He also needs to replace the brakes of the Lamborghini since driving the car at such high speeds subjected the vehicle to tremendous stresses.

Authorities suggested that Ebrahim file a civil lawsuit against his customer. If the court ruled in his favor he can seek a travel ban against the tourist and compel him to pay up.

In March 2016 four people were killed when a speeding Ferrari crashed on Al Sarayah Street in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

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