E-gamers in danger of falling for terrorist lure

Dubai Police’s Al Ameen service warned Sunday that avid electronic gamers may be prone to recruitment by terrorists.

The Al Ameen service enables people to contact the police around the clock with any problems or concerns they may ‎have and the information provided are treated with utmost confidentiality.

In a statement, Al Ameen noted that since some interactive electronic games are full of scenes of violence and destruction children and adolescents may get used to it.

“Violence becomes easy and natural reaction to the attitudes of the gamers’ daily lives changes within time,” the statement said.

Using specific information about the gamer, such as age group, nature of the work, living conditions or psychological balance, Al Ameen said strangers could manipulate the gamers’ sense of justice and make them easy prey to fall into traps.”

In particular the statement noted that there are many hidden aspects of electronic games, including interactive conversations with people of unknown identities, that could subject a gamer into extreme intellectual manipulation to achieve a special agenda.”

“Extremist organizations use experienced personalities to influence human behavior using psychological manipulation,” the statement cautioned.

Such manipulation begins with random selection of individuals followed by systematic selection stage based on the unique information collected from the target, according to the Al Ameen statement.

The Al Ameen service noted that the objectives of extremist organizations vary, such as acquiring funds by taking advantage of the players’ desire to move to next levels, searching for information to spread their ideas, or undermining national stability by shaking people’s confidence in their governments.”

While the statement acknowledged that the negative effect of electronic games is still subject to debate, it is indisputable that electronic games gained a huge following in both young and old since its inception in the 1970s.

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