There’s no question shabu peddlers have become enterprising these days.

A meat and fish vendor in Barangay Desamparados in Jaro town in Iloilo was caught by police hiding three sachets of suspected shabu worth P120,000 inside the tummy of one of the milkfish (bangus) she was selling to a buyer, who turned out to be an undercover cop.

The vendor, together with her helper suspected of being her drug runner, was arrested in the buy-bust operation.

The vendor denied police accusations and insisted she was making a decent living to support her four kids. But police were unconvinced because her name was on the President’s narco-list.

Meanwhile, the fresh milkfish where the shabu was hidden is in police custody to be used as evidence for the prosecution of the vendor.

With the length of court cases, it is not known how the police will keep the milkfish from becoming a rotten mess.