David Licauco is your new dream guy

Photo from David Lacauco's Instagram Account

After making waves on social media for granting his fan’s wish to go out on a date with him, David Licauco has piqued the interest of the general public. At first glance, he looks like a typical jock who only has his mind on fun and games, but the Kapuso star has his life on track. He has an upcoming teleserye, a movie, and a booming business that speaks of his passion. With his good looks, charming personality and grit for success, David just might be the newest Kapuso star we should all watch out for. For more reasons to swoon over this Kapuso cutie, we have come up with a list about who he is behind the scene:
David is a sports fan. While it is true that he has his heart on sports, David does not only have his head on the game. He loves to play basketball above all else, and he stacks up knowledge on his most favored icons. He recently finished a book on basketball legend Michael Jordan, and after trying his hand at boxing, he felt the need to read on the life of mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey. He says that this builds his passion for the sport: “Knowing the success of these icons motivates me, and I use that to make my own.

Kumbaga, I try to develop their values so I can be guided on how to succeed as well.” Recently, he has tried his hand on polo, and he looks exactly like a prince when he’s on a horse.

David spoils his family. Spread across David’s Instagram posts are photos of his parents and siblings. Every moment with his family counts and he never fails to capture all of this in pictures. As a modern-day scrapbook, his Instagram is full of memoirs of successes and simple celebrations. He profoundly expresses his love for his mom, gratitude for his dad, support for his brother and his playful yet sensible boundaries for his sisters. A loving son and protective brother indeed!

He has a knack for knowledge. David has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management (major in Computer Applications) from De La Salle College of St. Benilde. His family has brought him up business-minded, and this has become his motivation to do well in his studies. He managed to put up his own business, and is now thriving to expand his investments. Right after he graduated, David put up his own fitness gym in Taft and branded it as Alpha Fitness Club. The Kapuso star shared the reason behind the gym, “I’ve always been into sports and fitness, so I decided to profit on my interests. I come from a typical Chinese family where making your own business is a very common path, and right now I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

He harbors soft spot for fans. After mustering up the courage to ask David out, his fangirl from Zamboanga Fritz Enriquez didn’t bother to wait for his reply. Never in her wildest dreams would she expect that he’d agree, but the Kapuso star burst Frtiz’s thought bubble and said yes, but on one condition: she had to post about her proposal and garner 10,000 likes and shares for it. Despite failing to get the target number, David disregarded the deal and went on with the fishball date! The Kapuso star admitted that he was flustered to see his fan smile from ear to ear, “For me it’s an honor na may mapasaya akong tao. I’m just a normal person and to be able to inspire others like this is very humbling.”

David turns curiosity into passion. He doesn’t deny that he started showbiz out of curiosity.

“At first I was just testing the waters [in showbiz] until I actually got into the entire process of acting. It felt nice to act, so now it’s my goal to get more challenging roles and be able to perform them well,” the Kapuso star shared.

After his Mulawin vs. Ravena stint as Malik, David is now ready to take the lead. He stars alongside fellow Kapuso star Shaira Diaz in the upcoming Regal film ‘Because I Love You,’ and takes the role of a sophisticated bachelor. He spills his experience on filming: “The pressure was too much because it was my first lead role but I changed my mindset and took that challenge as an opportunity to prove myself. Besides, Shaira is so easy to work with and we’ve helped each a lot.”

With his newfound passion, he hired a personal coach for his acting, and has worked hard to impress his mentor. Aside from this film, he will also be one of the lead stars of the upcoming GMA Afternoon Prime series, Kapag Nahati Ang Puso, with Bea Binene, Benjamin Alves, and Sunshine Cruz.