Passage of Universal Healthcare bill urgent–Ejercito


SENATOR Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito yesterday welcomed President Duterte’s certification of the Universal Health Care bill as “urgent,” saying the measure will provide quality and accessible health care services to all Filipinos.


“The increasing prices of basic goods make the passage of the Universal Health Care bill even more critical. I applaud President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to certify the bill as urgent,” said Ejercito in a statement.

“The bill on Universal Health care is intended to uplift the health condition of every Filipino by providing efficient, quality and accessible health services to Filipinos,” Ejercito said.

The bill provides for the automatic inclusion of every Filipino in the National Health Insurance Program of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

“This is especially beneficial for poor Filipinos and those who live in far-flung areas currently not reached by government’s health service,” Ejercito said.

The senator said the bill complements the Duterte administration’s anti-poverty campaign by ensuring quality health care even for the poorest of the poor.

“I view universal health care as an integral part of our anti-poverty drive. Ensuring good health for Filipinos is crucial to economic development because ensuring the well-being of all Filipinos means they can be more productive, which further means they can better overcome poverty,” Ejercito said.

He said 54.2 percent of health expenditures in 2016 were shouldered by Filipinos while the government accounted for only 34.2 percent.

“With the prices of fuel, transportation, and basic goods skyrocketing, the passage of this bill means a lot to Filipino families in terms of improving their quality of life,” Ejercito said.

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