Caves for Syrian children


HOWEVER  precarious was the situation of the 12 Thai football players and their coach for being trapped for days inside a complex cave filling up with water, their predicament was still enviable compared to children trapped in the war zones of Syria.

The young Thais enjoyed so much attention and care from authorities and a mix of  rescuers, soldiers and praying Buddhist monks were assembled near the cave for a dramatic rescue operation complete with live TV coverage 24/7.

Even Tesla’s Elon Musk was interested as he offered a mini submarine to take the trapped kids one by one out of the cave.

The kids have been rescued to everyone’s relief, though it was tragic for one of the rescue divers who died while bringing oxygen tanks inside the cave for use in saving the stranded boys.

If only the same effort and urgency would also be given to children in Syria that are caught in the crossfire between rebels and forces of the Syrian regime, we can feel fairness.

Syrian children in the thousands deserved to be rescued and saved as much as the Thai boys trapped inside the cave. Syrian boys and girls live in bombed homes without electricity and food while facing the danger of getting pulverized in the next airstrike and clash.

If only Syrian children are also trapped in a cave like the Thai boys and face the prospect of drowning if heavy rains fill the cave with water, maybe authorities and rescuers will give them the same compassion and helping hand.

Maybe a mass of rescuers would also be assembled and a rescue plan be executed that would bring all Syrian kids to a safe and war-free place.

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