Pinoys in Japan safe after quake

RTE Photo

There was no Filipino casualty in the massive flooding and mudslides that hit Japan over the weekend that left more than 100 people dead and missing.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, in a statement yesterday, expressed the Philippine government’s sympathies to Japan following the devastating floods and mudslides triggered by unprecedented heavy rains in eight regions.

“We convey our deepest sympathies to the government and people of Japan, particularly to the victims of the recent floods and landslides in the western region,” Cayetano said.

Meanwhile, the Consulate General in Osaka said it has not received reports so far of Filipino fatalities in the areas affected by the massive floods and landslides that came after the western region was pounded by record heavy rainfall over the weekend.

Consul General Aileen Bugarin, however, said members of the Filipino community in the affected areas have been advised to heed warnings from authorities about possible flooding and mudslides.

Bugarin said members of the Filipino community must evacuate if local authorities order them to do so.

Japanese authorities reported that at least 75 persons have died, more than 40 missing, and tens of thousands displaced by floods and landslides in at least eight western prefectures.

“We pray for the safe recovery of those who are missing, for consolation for those who have lost loved ones and their homes, and for comfort and relief for the thousands who have been displaced,” Cayetano said.

“In these difficult times, as rescue and emergency response operations continue, the Philippines stands in solidarity with our Japanese brothers and sisters and remains ready to extend a helping hand,” he added.

Based on figures from the Japanese Ministry of Justice, the number of Filipinos in the following prefectures as of 2017 are as follows: Hiroshima, 6,891; Okayama, 1,835; Ehime, 1,518; Fukuoka, 4,648; Kyoto, 2,144; Tottori, 530; Saga, 615; Yamaguchi, 1,439; Hyogo, 4,123; and Gifu, 11,363.