Gary V is now cancer-free

Gary Valenciano

Fans of Gary V had a scare last week when news broke out he had cancer. The good news is he is now cancer-free.

Manila Genesis, the talent agency that handles Gary’s career, released a statement on the singer’s latest condition midnight of Sunday, July 8.

The full statement reads as follows:
“After weeks of silence, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano finally had his first major television interview declaring that after his bypass operation, he underwent another medical challenge when in an incidental finding his cardiologist detected a malignant kidney mass and he quietly had a second surgery, and is now cancer-free.

As one of the country’s most respected Christian artists, the news on his health tested Gary’s faith as he faced another life-threatening challenge which he overcame with the help of one of the best medical teams in the country and an overpouring of prayers from family, friends and countless fans from all over the world. ‘Do know that I am ok now…and I’m ready to comeback soon. Don’t worry k?’ Gary posted on official Twitter account for his close to 4 million followers who were worried about news that erroneously stated that he still had cancer.

Gary felt pain in his left abdomen and doctors discovered an incidental finding of a six-centimeter malignant tumor in his kidney. Gary went through another operation and doctors found out that the tumor was localized inside his right kidney.

Today, Gary is on the road to full recovery and doctors even said that his heart is so strong as if he has the heart of a 25-year-old man.

Gary’s entire family, including his mother and sister who recently flew in from the States, is 100 percent behind him in his ongoing journey to full recovery as he gears up with exciting new projects and his grand return to both television and the live concert stage.

“I am miraculously saved. Doctors were baffled I was healing so well after my open heart surgery despite my diabetes,” says Gary. “When the doctors saw the tumor in my kidney and were able to take it all out without a need for chemo therapy or radiation, I can only say that this is the work of the Lord and nothing else. I am blessed.”

Gary V sat down with Korina Sanchez last Sunday night for the latter’s Sunday magazine show, Rated K.