Rubber necking in Dubai would cost you Dh1000


Staring at scenes of road accidents in Dubai could be hazardous to the pocket.

The Abu Dhabi police has reiterated its warning to motorists that obstruction or blocking of roads during accidents will be fine Dh1,000 (approximately $272).

This kind of traffic offense includes staring at accidents, or “rubber necking.”

As part of its road safety awareness campaign the Abu Dhabi Police have utilized their social media platforms to post various reminders about traffic rules, including amendments

Dubai authorities want to target all segments of the society by conducting awareness programs and initiatives in schools, universities and other educational institutions on traffic rules and road safety.

But barely a day after the police reminder was issued, nine bystanders who gathered around an accident site in Al Ain sustained minor injuries after a speeding car hit them.

According to the police, a car was involved in a traffic accident on Al Ain-Dubai highway and stopped on the side.

Investigators said some bystanders tried to assist the injured when a speeding car turned over and crashed into the car.

Colonel Ahmed Al Zayoudi, director of Al Ain Traffic Department, warned residents against gathering around accident sites as the practice is not only dangerous but could also obstruct the movement of emergency vehicles.