With the leptospirosis outbreak in Metro Manila having infected an unusually high number of people this year compared to 2017, the Department of Health has sounded off strategies on how to avoid getting infected with the bacterial disease that had killed 99 persons nationwide.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has called on mayors to improve garbage collection to control rat infestation as rodent’s pee is the main source of the leptospirosis bacteria.

Other precautions are don’t wade in floodwaters unprotected, wash feet and legs that get into contact with floodwaters and get immediate medical treatment when infected to prevent serious illness.

Lepto bacteria lives in stagnant water reservoirs such as puddles and ponds and survives in environment with high humidity.

There is only one way to avoid contracting this pesky bacteria: Live in Antarctica, the only place in the world where leptospirosis cannot survive because of freezing weather.


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