Abu Dhabi honors man for helping 2 y/o tot


For helping a two-year old toddler who was apparently lost Mohamad Adel Al Kindi received accolades from the Abu Dhabi police.

According to the police, Al Kindi was driving at Shakboot City when he noticed the young boy walking alone, with no adult in sight nearby.

Concerned for the child’s welfare he pulled over and reported the situation to the authorities. He stayed with the child to comfort him until a police patrol car arrived.

After making inquiries, the responding officer managed to locate the child’s home, which was near the area he was found.

Brigadier Muslem Mohamad Al Amri, Director of the Directorate of the Peripheral Areas Police of the Criminal Security Sector, lauded Al Kindi saying he deserves a commendation for the noble and humanitarian act.

As a result of the incident, Al Amri warned parents of the consequences of leaving children unaccompanied. He said parents must always be near their child in order to protect them from any harm.

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