90’s baby vs millennials


WHAT is the best way to know someone is a 90’s baby? They don’t stop talking about it.

We reminisce about pop culture and our childhood any chance we get, and with good reason. It was freaking fantastic.

90s kids had a balance of street and gizmo life. On weekend or summer days, boys used to play with “teks,” “pogs”, and “trumpo” outside, while girls jumped and skipped on their Chinese garters, dressed their paper dolls, and played with jackstones. And there is no denying this was absolutely the best time to be a kid.

The generation of kids today, on the other hand, plays like this: Hands on the controller, eyes on the monitor. Their forms of amusement are relying heavily on electronic gadgets and computer games.

Kids of the 90s tune in to more educational and child-friendly television shows like “Batibot” and “Sineskwela”. Kids today are able to view whatever interests them through their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. They are also not bothered to miss an episode as videos are available online.

We experienced a wonderful childhood back then because we were able to socialize with people our age, so I encourage parents of this generation to let their kids do the same.

By letting them socialize with other children through sports activities, playing outdoor games, they can build the self-confidence to face people and interact. But more importantly, parents should manage children’s use of technology and social media.