Millennial desperation


“My Generation is going to be known for wanting to die and memes.”

THE Tumblr quote that you have read epitomizes what is now known as a millennial, and it is evident that the “death joke” culture in teenagers still prevails.

People born between the year of 1985 and 2003 are considered as millennials — a generation that is obsessed with the social media together with its trends, challenges and memes.

The peculiarity of this generation is all stereotyped by adults as lazy, techno-savvy or perhaps desperate.

But there is one thing almost all teenagers nowadays are voicing out as one – albeit the macabre of it all — that suicide is cool.

In the advent of the Worldwide Web and the spinning world of social media, there lies a death and suicide joke culture, where millennials are constantly toying on the idea of death and committing suicide.

Tweets are converted memes by simply saying “I want to die, lol” or “kill me”. But the morbid thing about this is that these kinds of statements tend to get the higher number of likes, shares and retweets

You may look at it as a joke, but if you look closer, there is always a hint of some sort of mental illness hidden in plain sight.

Although these death-centered jokes are seen as a way to release stress and express what they really feel in the comfort of their own PCs and phones, it does not change the fact that these kinds of posts are worth examining – it may be a cry for help.

I, too, made jokes about death and suicide, but I convey it only as such – a joke. But we can never hide the fact that it will always be trending. So that is why we need to be responsible for what we share online.

— Deb Domingo