Salo: Hair sample for drug test better than urine


KABAYAN Party-list Representative and Assistant Majority Leader Ron P. Salo has proposed the use of hair sample instead of urine in confirming a positive result of drug test for students and teachers.

“I reiterate the soundness of applying the scientifically-proven method of using hair samples for detecting prolonged use of illegal drugs and even performance-enhancing drugs,” said Salo in a statement.

“Perhaps Malacanang, PDEA, DOH, and the Dangerous Drugs Board can convince DepEd, CHED, and the presidents of state universities and colleges to use hair samples for the confirmatory tests,” he said.

Salo made the suggestion as the Department of Education has confirmed that it has chosen and prepared for random drug testing using urine samples
“In the future, hair sample testing ought to be the norm of testing for illegal drugs use in our country. There are local medical diagnostics providers with hair sampling capabilities,” according to Salo.

Salo said that if DepEd and the Commission on Higher Education are concerned with the cost of hair sample testing, Malacanang and the Department of Budget and Management can find ways to source the needed funds.

“I am quite insistent on this hair sample testing because results of the hair sample tests would provide very strong evidence for the DepEd and CHED on how deep, intense, and widespread the drug abuse is a problem among in-school youths,” Salo said.

Salo cited the advantages of hair sample drug-test in based on the The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

“Judging by the news media coverage on the use of hair samples for illegal drugs testing, I can confidently say there is growing mainstream support for this idea,” he said. “The support is gaining momentum because it has sound bases.”

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