Freedom suicide is not



THE death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain had social media swirling once again with talks about suicide. So many people had been lost via suicide – Robin Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Chester Bennington, to name a few.

These deaths may be blamed on depression and suicide was the just the means to be free.

Suicide will never be a solution to any problem. Mind you, I am no psychiatrist but I’ve given it some thinking – losing your life by your own hand is just crazy.

Depression and suicide have dynamics too intricate to explain in layman’s terms, but suffice it to say that suicide is more devastating to those left behind.

Suicide needs to be talked about as the fatal outcome of preventable causes, whether caused by severe illnesses or  extreme psychological anguish.

While people may end  via suicide intolerable pain associated with terminal diseases, the vast majority of people who have died by their own hands were not in pain, at least physically.

They suffered from treatable depressive disorders. Suicide is not the solution. It’s not the answer either. Ending your own life is not freedom, but a burden to those you’ll leave behind.